Saturday, February 28, 2009

Short Run

Well, I got my 1 run in over the weekend again.  It was a short 2.15 mile run.  First mile was around 13:05 and 2nd was around 12:40 maybe 12:30--something like that.  It was cold with a cold wind, so I did my 2 & then a little more to get back to my car & called it.  Not too bad, I am hoping I can get some kind of run in tomorrow also, but I will admit the chances are pretty low.

It was also a day to deliver Girl Scout cookies, got to a few houses but not all.  Tomorrow will hopefully at least knock on all the houses we haven't gotten to yet and maybe go back to some that weren't in yesterday.  Really too cold to be out there too long, even though we drove, the standing on porches and in & out of the van just wasn't much fun.

Creighton won today so they have at least a share of the MVC title.  I haven't check the N Iowa score yet so could have an outright title even.  The MVC tourney is coming up next week.  The best days of basketball each year--I love this event.

Still kicking away at my books.  Mostly reading Chasing Harry someone and War & Peace.  The Last Patriot is not getting much attention right now.  I really want the chic book Chasing Harry... done before my parents get into town for basketball on Wed.

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