Saturday, February 7, 2009


I finally get to mention that I got a run in outside.  I have been stuck to running once or maybe twice a week at the Community Center until today.  After taking the kids to a park to play for almost 2 hours, I was able to get out and get a run in.

I went to Woodson Park where there was one other person walking her dogs and another car that was driving around.  I finally figured out that other car was someone learning how to drive in an almost empty park with a big parking lot.  I ran something like 4.2 miles.  At Woodson Park my Garmin gets screwed up every once in a while--there is a Dept of Defense Federal Records building and another federal/military communications building right there.  I guess something in these buildings interferes with the Garmin--it happens in the same general area each time.  I don't remember my times all that well, something like 13:30(around 45 seconds to a minute talking to someone on the street included), 12:07, 12:43 and then a guess at 13 and like 2:30 for the .2.  Good run, I am happy with it.

I had to go grocery shopping after that but first hit the library and bought 6 more books.  One I posted straight onto PBS, there are 26 other copies already listed so it will be a while before it moves.  A couple of the other books are on wish lists but I want to read and maybe keep them.  Since I finished October Men--see other post today--I started a Stephen Coonts book, The Assassin.  This one is on like 30 some wish lists so I figure read it and then mail it off for another credit.  I might be starting another book also, will probably go now and pick one.

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