Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Late in the day

Here it is late in the day & I really don't have much to write about. Still working on my books, mostly been putting time into The Map of True Places. Still have mixed feelings on the book, more of a relationship book, which is fine but I thought it would be more. Still have around 100 pages to go so maybe still working up to something also. Also really enjoying The Horizontal World, an autobiography of a woman that grew up on a farm in North Dakota. I can see many of her experiences in growing up and how they in many ways mirror my growing up on the farm. This will be a book that I pass along to my mom and probably my sister as well, maybe my brothers too if they are interested. I still have a 140 pages to go, I am a little less than halfway done so here too maybe things will change but so far I like it. Also reading She's Not There about a transsexual, still on the early part where they are a confused man. Kind of an interesting read, something different as well. It is a true story and she becomes a successful writer & professor so kind of know how it ends in that sense but seems like a good story so far. Also started Tin God but at this point not sure if it will get finished or not--only 20 pages in & really can't stand it. I have many many other books that I would like to read so while I am trying to be patient with the book, my patience is running low.

Sorry for the one long paragraph but that is how it just kind of came out, oh well.

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