Monday, October 18, 2010

PSR night but no run

Monday is PSR night for the kids and is usually then a night for me to get a run in. Tonight though I skipped the run because I should get runs in on Tuesday & Thursday with VB practices then. I instead hit the library & found a 5 books for $1.25, 2 are WL books and 2 others only have 1 copy on system--not too bad. I also hit the grocery store for Thomas' yogurt and some cheese. Nothing exciting but an easy night. Will have to see how running tomorrow goes.

Texas beat the Yankees and are now up 2 to 1 so looking good but tough games still to come that is for sure. Won my fantasy football game this week, but my team is pretty weak. I am at .500 but getting to the playoffs will be tough, but I am just taking it game by game in coachspeak.

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