Monday, October 11, 2010

She's Not There--#66 finished

This is the true story of Jenny Finney Boylan, who started her life as James. Jenny is/was a transsexual who is now post op. An interesting and informative story of her life and her struggle with her identity. It is also refreshing in the sense that Jenny appears to have transition rather well into the female life and doesn't seem to have some of the baggage that you hear others have gone through. It is certainly an interesting read but it is also an easy comfortable read too, Jenny was a writer as James as well and is an English professor too. A different kind of book for me to read but definitely fits with me wanting to be able to state that I will read just about anything.

I have already posted it on PBS. A week ago there was 1 WL for it, when I posted it, it was the 2nd copy on the system and now there is a 3rd copy as well. When I had ordered it, it was the only copy on the system. It is a book that is moving it seems so I would guess/hope I will be mailing it off in the next month or so.

I an still reading Tin God, slow but at least making some headway, almost 100 pages read. I have also started Boo Who, the sequel to Boo that I read about a month ago and also just started Hell's Gate, only 20 pages or so into it.

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