Sunday, October 17, 2010

Volleyball Day

This was a long day of volleyball today--our oldest Rose, was in a volleyball tourney starting at 8:30am with the last game not finishing until 6pm. It was a long day with the team playing 6 matches. A very very good day since the team won every set and won the championship of the tourney. I was tired just being there all day, the players had to be exhausted once they came down from their win.

Rams won in football, didn't watch it but heard the good news. Nebraska lost yesterday, I still have it on DVR but haven't watched it yet--losing to Texas is kind of depressing.

I started reading Once We Wore Gray, I needed a paperback I could carry in my jeans pocket during the games & it fit the bill. Just getting started & it seems okay, it is a western in classification I think so something a little different. By the way She's Not There has been requested from me so I will be mailing it out this week--it didn't take long for it to move from my shelf.

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