Sunday, October 4, 2009

a boy of good breeding--#60 finished

This was a quirky, good book. I noticed that I have been kind of attracted to these types of books, the Poe Ballantine and the Ivan Coyote among others. Books with normal type back grounds doing things in quirky manners, not the outlandish or action packed adventures. While I still like the adventure and other type books, these quirky character books are kind of fun. This one, A Boy of Good Breeding certainly qualifies. Set in a small town, or the smallest town in Canada--to be a town you have to have 1500 people and the mayor Hosea is obsessed with keeping his town right at 1500 throughout the book. Interesting people come and go and just kind of normal small town things going on. It is a fun book with characters that certainly come alive and grow somewhat, as much as possible in a 237 page book. I will probably be looking for other books by this author.

It is a book that is on 2 WL on PBS. It is different than others though because when I first bought the book, I don't think it was on any WL and then it even had a copy or two on the system for a while. It is kind of funny in that there has been some movement on the book. I find this really interesting about PBS. I also like passing along these small in number books to others who might enjoy them as well. Of course, it might end with the next person since it might be that person's keeper--kind of like me at the Poe Ballantine books, but I do sort of feel bad about this. Not bad enough yet to mail them on but bad enough that I still think about this once in a while.

Debbie had finished My Story by the original Marcia Brady and so I have posted it also. There were around 40 people still waiting for this book. I hope to get both mailed later this week, if all goes well. A Shadow in the City was on WL hold twice and timed out both times and is now just sitting there, I hope it moves also, but now it is a waiting game. I feel I probably have about 7-10 books of my 50 posted that should move in the next few months but will just have to see.

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