Monday, October 5, 2009

Ex-Library Books

I had to reject another WL offer because the person has requestor conditions stating among other things they do not want an ex-library book. I understand that they are free to have an RC, I just think it is unfortunate that they don't want my copy because in general my copies are in very good to almost excellent condition--excluding library stamps. Now if they want it as a keeper book and don't want the stamps okay but for just reading it is very good. Oh well. At least in the case of A Boy of Good Breeding, there is a 2nd person wanting the book so it now goes to them to request. Of course it is possible they will also have an RC, but will just have to see.

The Marcia Brady book is all accepted and just needs to be wrapped up and mailed. Just waiting to see if I can mail the two books at the same time or not--hopefully this next person won't take almost 2 days before deciding.

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