Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had our parent/teacher conferences tonight. All is good with the kids & school. Rose is getting all As and teacher just loves her & the work she does. We had Thomas' IEP yesterday so this was just a little rehashing and a little about what we heard after we absorbed the IEP stuff. He is doing good and working hard, but he has his days where he is a challenge and/or just doesn't want to do much. I guess that is kind of typical in my mind except other kids might be better at hiding it. I guess I don't really want to go over all of that now, just don't feel like it--so I guess I know where he gets it.

Kind of fun though, I was going over geography with Rose beforehand and somehow got into that the US is involved in 2 wars right now. For some reason she said she didn't know this. I am sure she knew it on some level but I guess didn't know or hadn't heard it put that way. Anyway that eventually led to a discussion of WWII and the Holocaust and Hitler. After the parent teacher conferences, she asked to hear more about this so I talked for another 1/2 hour on it before it got past bedtime. Sounds like she wants to hear more still on it. It is fun when she takes an interest in something I like.

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