Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday stuff

Just a few quick lines about some things.

--Yes I am still running behind on the 31 for 21 by a couple of posts. I will probably try to make these up, just not today.

--Ran 3 miles, pretty slow, but I have eaten too much last few days & it was very cold. When I started my run I wasn't sure I would do a mile and then I talked myself into 2 and then 3. So just glad I got it in.

--Today's run starts this week. Last week I ran 8 miles & week before it was 12 miles. Not too bad on the mileage I guess. Really only thing missing is no long run of 6+ miles on the weekends.

--Started reading T Boone Pickens book, The First Billion is the Hardest. He is the former gas & oil guy who has been pushing wind technology. It is time to get this book read since the numbers of WL is dropping also.

--Still working on The Lace Reader & The Infidelity Pact. All 3 books are WL books, this is probably a first for me. I might add a 4th yet, but probably not for another day or so.

--I have 27 credits now at PBS and 2 books mailed last week and 2 to be mailed. The credits are adding up, just waiting on some of my WL books to come in. I think my WL is now up to 39 but quite a few of these(at least a dozen), I am not expecting for at least a year.

--I won my fantasy football game this week, but it was really close to this point. I still have a couple of players going tomorrow so maybe I can to my total points, which also come into play in the standings as well. It is a little complicated how so I won't be providing an explanation on this today.

--From little I watched & heard of the Rams game, it seems they moved the ball, but turnovers really killed the game today. Oh well, this team needs talent and another high draft pick will be a good thing. I am guessing not too many more home games will be on TV, the blackout rule will probably come into affect.

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