Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buddy Walk--St Louis

Today, Saturday was the Down Syndrome Association's Buddy Walk here in St Louis. This is the one at the ballpark with the Cardinals. Last year because of my wife's tremendous fundraising Thomas was able to throw out the first pitch at the game. We had around 60 people there and it was just crazy. Also, Thomas wasn't on his medication for ADHD, so he was basically an emotional wreck. In the end he had fun or so he says and he remembers it, but it was a battle that day.

This year was much lower key. It was our family, with Debbie & Rose coming late because Rose had a VB game, Debbie's parents and a friend from work & his girlfriend. It was nice not having any pressure of making sure finding everyone, getting Thomas in the correct place and everything else. This year the only thing was it was cold. Our tickets ended up being behind home plate but at the very top row, so we had the wind all day long. We bundled up best we could and managed. It was good, too bad they didn't win but it was close enough to keep our attention at least. It was a good time.

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