Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seasons In Hell-The 1973-1975 Texas Rangers--#66 finished

I grew up as a Texas Rangers fan and have stayed a fan throughout the years, sometimes more of a follower than a fan but still my AL team at least. These years were prior to me following them though, I first started collecting baseball cards around 1978 so a lot of these players mentioned in the book have moved on. I still recognized their names though from other teams and just kind of being a baseball junkie.

The book itself is really very good, a lot of funny stuff and real characters of the game. The writer followed the team for those 3 years and had great insight and obviously connections to the players, manager and owners back then. Also the descriptions of the cities and especially the spring training site were very good. I really enjoyed this book and it is a keeper for me. In other words, I am not posting it on PBS even though there are a couple of people that have it on their WL. I am pretty sure I will be re-reading this book at some point, but it would be a keeper anyway just because it is about my Texas Rangers.

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