Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Legend of Bagger Vance--#65 finished

I wasn't really impressed with this. I sort of remember the movie, a Will Smith one, and liked it. The movie from what I recall was probably better. The book was good with the golf parts, really pretty interesting with Hagen and Jones and the stuff about the golf course itself. It was the mystical or god like person/entity of Bagger Vance that I didn't really understand and seemed to me to take away from what would have been a good story. I guess golf doesn't have that otherworldly feel to me so I see no connection with make Vance a timeless god like person who jumps into peoples lives and uses golf to him them live a better life. It makes no sense to me. It is really too bad because like I said the golf story was really very good.

I have already posted this book on my bookshelf. There are a hundred and something already in front of it but I will hold onto it for now to see if it moves in a few months or a year. I really have more than enough books right now and enough credits to cover any of my WL books that come up so I have no big desire to move books right now. If my account on PBS is quiet for a few weeks that will probably be for the best. I am reading The Saffron Kitchen that has 1 WL for it so that might be the next one I post. I do have to mail the T Boone Pickens book yet this week also.

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