Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 for 21

October has been the month of 31 for 21, a kind of blogger movement to increase Down Syndrome Awareness. The idea is that you will try to post 31 times or once a day for the month of October. I am not too sure about everything on this. I know I tried/did this last year but most days were just about the regular day, not much Down Syndrome talk here. I might try to increase that this time around but will just have to see.

Last year I know I didn't make a post every day so I doubled up a few days to make up so I think I had at least 31 postings during October. I will probably try that again this year. It should be a good exercise to help me expand beyond what I normally type about--books reading & running. Well it is time, actually past time to get the kids in bed so let me go fight the good fight. I might be back and try to post something else later tonight also.

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