Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Lace Reader--#63 finished

The Lace Reader is kind of a confusing read. It is done purposely in that the main character, Towner, has a pretty screwed up life and it is mostly written in her perspective. I am still not too sure about everything that was going on, because for the longest time I believed Towner had a twin sister Lindsley, but at the end come to find Lindsley died at childbirth, so not too sure who all of those memories were really associated with. Like I said kind of confusing.

Overall, not too bad, some kind of interesting things done. I didn't really like the religious simpletons playing such an easy put down group that eventually became almost evil cult at the end. To me it was kind of a slam on religion but I guess it was more just that group and not all Christian religions. It did seem to make all the cool people in the book witches or "readers" of some sort. This was really more of a mild complaint that I noticed, it really didn't stop my enjoyment of the book. The confusing stuff is the bigger negative in my mind. Not that I don't mind being confused while reading the book, but to me it didn't really make sense in the end. Oh well, I still overall thought it was a good book, especially when I keep in mind it is the first book for the writer Brunoni Barry.

It is a book that has around 60 some WL for it so I should be able to post it & mail it off pretty easily. I might hold off on it & instead wait till I finish the Boone Pickens book & mail it with the Infidelity Pact saving the Lace Reader for the next mail out or not. I will decide later. Looking at a couple different books now, but no decisions have been made yet.

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